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Imagine an environment where your millennial employees are collectively developing, presenting, and implementing innovative ideas that are perfectly aligned with your company’s core values. When that day comes, you will realize that you created an environment where your millennial employees are fully engaged, employee retention rates are amazing, and your company is the place where everyone wants to work. When you look back years later, you will recognize that millennials secured your growth and fortified profitability.

Why worry about a future with millennials when you can create it?

Step #1: Secure a lens 2 Understand

It is imperative that you understand “why” you’re hemorrhaging your millennial workforce and struggling with millennial talent acquisition? Why are you forfeiting growth and straining to be relevant to your millennial customer base?

What information are you using to prepare for a future with millennials?  Dr. Wessinger developed a comprehensive research tool that equips leaders with accurate realties and a clear understanding of what it takes to create a future of growth with millennials.  

Step #2: Develop a Model 2 grow

The outcomes of Dr. Wessinger’s research reveals ONE thing that you MUST do to stop the hemorrhaging and secure a model of sustainable growth with millennial employees and customers.  Your millennial employees can be your competitive advantage for generations to come.

Takeaway quote from one of Dr. Wessinger’s sustainable growth conferences: 

  • “Millennials, above all other “needs” want a voice, and to be heard; providing that voice and understanding them, will enable us to attract/retain top talent, and better serve this influential demographic which will enhance long term revenue and profit growth, allowing us to deliver on our Mission.” Jim Daly, Regional President, BB&T
Step #3: FOrmulate a Strategy 2 profit

Millennial employees seem difficult to understand, which is why many leaders feel that millennials threaten the “bottom-line” of their organization.  The firsthand voice of 27k+ people in Dr. Wessinger’s research reveals ONE structural change that MUST happen in order to secure profit w/ millennials. 

All these realities threaten profit, but can be diffused with ONE act: 

  • There seems to be a disconnect between your perspective of productivity and the millennial “way” of productivity, which is making you anxious about your future growth
  • Talented millennial men and women have become the face of your company; however, your concerned about that face and what it communicates to your customer
  • You’re not willing to “blow-up” your method of success for a perspective of reality that you’re struggling to understand
  • Yielding to your millennial employees perspective of change feels incongruent with your principles of growth and a violation of values that you consider important.


Step #4: Need 2 do now!

In order to leverage the innovative insights of your millennial employees and secure growth with millennial customers,  the research reveals 2 things that every leader must do NOW. 

Securing your profit for two decades

Securing your profit for two decades


6 essential steps to leverage millennials for your growth


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